Recently I was able to make a beautiful design for this special garden house. The garden house can be built modularly and is now furnished as a home office where you can work from home, in combination with a relaxed chill area. In addition, there is also an outdoor area with a fireplace / BBQ and a lounge under the canopy. The total garden house is now 10 x 4 meters, but because it is modular, it is also easy to convert to a garden house of 8 x 4 meters or 6 x 4 meters. You can of course also make this space smaller and simpler, so that it can function as storage for garden items, for example. You can then choose to replace the glass facade with a closed door. There are so many possibilities!

The use of dark accents gives the summerhouse a sleek, modern and luxurious look. By adding luxury accessories it becomes a beautiful whole and a wonderful place to retreat during these sunny days!