I recently had the opportunity to make a design for this fantastic playground. The customer asked for a play paradise at home; so I did! At this place everything a kid can wish for is available, and secretly, we as adults still want to play and be there too. A true play paradise!

And what all can a child dream of? I added a ball pit, an amazing slide, Lego walls, a great tree with lights where they can draft beneath, a shop and a basketball area. I also made sure there was a place to relax with a TV and a Playstation. By adding a big swing, another place was created to retreat for a while. Furthermore, the beds are placed on a stage and sofas have been created around it, which makes it a fantastic place for children to sleep and chill with their friends. In short; everything a child can dream of and wish for! 

To give you some inspiration, I added many images in this post. Feel free to recreate this at your own home for your own kids! ❤️

Do you wanna play in this playground?