Recently I made a fantastic design for this sturdy boys room. And what a dream design it has become for every cool boy! During the day you can play above your bed and go off your own placed slide or read a book at the table, while in the evening you can sleep on a small platform, how cool! These playful touches really make it a great place to play with some friends, while the bean bag and the bed also make it a great place to retreat alone for a little boy. The fantastic exclusive boxes that have been placed are again from @Babybirthbox, and a real addition to Mano’s room. 

The use of the soft, but sturdy colors give the room a nice atmosphere. In my designs, I always find it important to make use of the space that I have available. By placing closets around the mirror, space can be saved and an extra closet is not necessary, which leaves more space to play. Ideal! In short, a great space for multiple occasions! 

Do you like this sturdy boys room?