I recently had the opportunity to make a beautiful design for this fantastic and luxurious apartment. The apartment has no living room, but instead a big kitchen with a breathtaking fireplace and a separate chair to relax. This makes the kitchen really the heart of the apartment, where people come together to dine, drink and relax.

The use of the light colors make it a lovely open space and create a pleasant atmosphere, where you can start and end the day in peace. The real eye-catcher in this space is the beautiful painting on the wall by @Elmar Dam. Art emphasizes the identity of the interior, and adds a lot of character to a space like this. It provides the final finishing touch and, together with the use of the beautiful materials and luxury accessories, gives the space a luxurious look. All the items in this interior are from our shopping stylist @shirleyvandeene and through her for sale. 

Do you see yourself reload, relax and dine in this kitchen?