Recently I have been able to make a beautiful design for this amazing home. Using soft, light tones as a base, the living becomes a wonderfully open space and a fantastic place to gather with friends or family. The addition of the golden accents and cushions in warm colors add a lot of warmth, which immediately creates a lot of atmosphere. Moreover, by combining all kinds of different materials, you create a feeling of homeliness and at the same time, the living room radiates a lot of luxury. 

The wish of this customer was to keep the table and chairs, so I included them in the design. In this way you can see exactly whether the interior of the new design matches your current interior and it is therefore easier to make choices. The table fits perfectly into the color palette of the rest of the house and the black accents of the chairs add a lot of character and dimension to the room. In short, a fantastic combination of the current interior and the new design, and an amazing place to come home to!