Recently I was able to make a beautiful design for this fantastic bedroom of Lina Noor, which resulted in a girly dream room. The bed and changing table belong to the customer and will therefore remain in place while making this design. The wish of the customer was a beautiful and creative design, but with elements that are affordable and a room that she can realize herself. Of course I can do this like no other! I always work from a dream, towards a real design. 

Various items from @ikeanederland have been used in this room. The shelves, the desk and the closet all come from here. For the decoration I again used the amazing recognizable boxes from @babybirthbox, and the gorgeous blossom tree from @the.blossomtree. Of course, the  colleagues from @picknickclubnl have been an inspiration for this beautiful decoration. In short; a wonderful room, where Lina Noor can start and end the day in a true dream!

Are you jealous of this room of Lina Noor?